The high-pressure blower manufacturer introduces the role of the muffler of the high-pressure blower


The high-pressure fan is a dual-purpose device for blowing and sucking. It is equipped with a muffler at its air inlet and outlet, but it is not only a simple noise reduction and noise reduction, but also involves a filtering system. It can be said that the air inlet is very Importantly, today we (High-pressure blower manufacturers) Introduce the role of the silencer.
High-pressure blower manufacturers intercept the role of silencer for everyone:
1. Main function: Noise reduction function, assuming that the cancellation effect is not satisfactory, you can check this article and perform a second noise reduction.
2. It has a certain dust removal and filtering function: In addition to noise reduction, due to the planned structure of the imported noise reduction assembly, there is a soft sponge inside the empty space with many tiny holes. This kind of sponge has certain standard requirements. It cannot be too small or too large. The fine dust or dust sucked in by the fan will adhere to the sponge, so when performing maintenance, you can clean up the sponge inside.

3. Possess a certain degree of oil and gas filtration: Compared with dust, it is more likely to cause defects in the fan than dust. Therefore, if the operating environment is not good, it is necessary to install a filter system in the front. This is It is very important. Although the oil and gas dust is thick, it can filter out a part, but after a long time, it will inevitably enter the fan and stick to the inside of the vortex fan. This is difficult to clean up. It is especially important for customers who transport biogas and natural gas. In addition, the filter element of the vortex fan is replaced regularly to ensure that the filter system of the air inlet is smooth and effective.
4. Air inlet noise reduction: The noise announced by the high-pressure fan itself is very small, mainly the sound of wind noise. If this part is not added, the noise will be very sharp, so it is necessary to add the muffler assembly.
The muffler of the high-pressure blower mainly has the above-mentioned functions. Our company produces various blowers. If you have any needs, you can contact us (high-pressure blower manufacturer) at any time.

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