Stainless steel fan manufacturers introduce you to the method of noise reduction and noise reduction of fans


We all know that some sounds will appear during the operation of the fan, which may affect people's lives. At this time, it needs to be processed for noise reduction and noise reduction, so how to operate it? Let us (stainless steel fan manufacturer) introduce for you.

1. Vibration reduction: The entire support for the installation of the shock absorber uses the shock absorber to isolate the fan from the ground. The shock absorber can effectively block the vibration of the fan from being transmitted to the ground, avoid the transmission of the jitter source, and then play a role in reducing the jitter.
2. Noise reduction equipment commonly used in noise reduction:
1. For resistive mufflers, chip mufflers, honeycomb mufflers, tube mufflers and labyrinth mufflers are commonly used.
2. Resistant muffler commonly used resonance muffler, expansion muffler, hybrid muffler and baffle muffler, etc.
3. Impedance composite muffler commonly used expansion chamber-impedance composite muffler, resonant cavity-resistive composite muffler and impedance-resistance-combined composite muffler.
3. Commonly used methods of sound insulation are:
1. The sound insulation of single-layer dense and uniform components. The sound insulation materials of such components are required to be dense and heavy, such as brick walls, reinforced concrete, steel plates, wood boards, etc. The sound insulation performance is related to the rigidity and damping surface density of the materials.
2. Double-layer structure sound insulation. A certain thickness of air is sandwiched between the center of two single-layer structures, or a composite structure of porous materials, which generally has a sound insulation level of 5-10 dB higher than that of a single-layer structure of the same quality.
3. The sound insulation cover and the sound insulation room, regarding the small noise source, directly use the sound insulation structure cover to achieve obvious noise reduction effect. This is the sound insulation cover. If there are many noise sources, consider establishing one A small space, to isolate it from the noise source, this is the sound insulation room.
4. The sound insulation screen is a kind of sound insulation equipment made of sound insulation structure placed between the noise source and the sound receiving point.
4. Sound absorption:
1. Sound absorption materials are very important in sound absorption and noise reduction methods. Commonly used materials are: fiber materials, particle materials, foam materials, and more than two dozen other three types.
2. Resonant sound-absorbing structure is a variety of sound-absorbing structures made by using the principle of resonance to absorb low-frequency sound waves. Commonly used structures are divided into single resonance (including thin-film and thin-plate structures) and perforated plate sound-absorbing structures.
3. The sound-absorbing structure of the micro-perforated plate is a composite structure composed of a metal micro-perforated plate and a cavity with a plate thickness and hole diameter of less than 1mm, and a perforation rate of 1% to 3%.

The above is the method we have introduced to you about the noise reduction of fans. Shun Teng stainless steel fan manufacturers produce various fans. If you have requirements for related products, you can leave a message or call us for communication at any time.

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