Stainless steel fan manufacturers introduce the characteristics of suspension blowers


Suspension blower is a kind of blower, which is widely used in engineering. This product mainly has the following characteristics. Let us (stainless steel fan manufacturer) introduce it to you.

(1) Energy saving and high efficiency: The air suspension blower uses air bearings, direct connection technology, high efficiency impellers, permanent magnet brushless synchronous motors, and no rated conflicts. The fan automatically adjusts the power consumption of the motor according to the output (the air volume can be adjusted to 45-100%), and the high efficiency of the equipment is maintained.

(2) No oscillation and low noise: The air suspension blower adopts air bearing and direct connection technology, no oscillation is generated, and the fan does not need other sound insulation equipment; the weight of the equipment is light, no special foundation is required, and the equipment placement is simple and flexible.

(3) No lubricating oil: The air suspension blower fan uses air bearing technology, and the system does not require a lubricating oil system to supply clean air to special industries such as electronics, medicine, and food. The operating temperature of the air bearing reaches 600 degrees, and the drawbacks of the oil bearing system have been successfully dealt with.

(4) Maintenance-free: Without the gearbox and oil bearing necessary for traditional fans, the series of high-tech impellers and motors selected by our air suspension blowers do not use couplings, but are directly connected with an intelligent control system. The equipment is maintenance-free, which reduces the user's protection cost.

The above are the characteristics of the suspension blower introduced by the stainless steel fan manufacturer. I hope to help you. Our company produces and sells various fans. If you have any needs, you can leave us a message or call for consultation. We will be happy to help you. service.

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