Coil installation method of high temperature resistant axial fan


The installation method of the coil installation method of the high temperature axial flow fan is introduced as follows:

1. When installing the fan-coil unit, the water inlet and outlet pipe joints must not be used as a handle for lifting. Vertical coils should not be skewed when installed on a level ground, and horizontal coils should be hoisted horizontally. Do not raise one end of the condensate pipe to cause condensate overflow.

2. Between the coil inlet and outlet pipes and the main pipes, use hoses to connect, and set up valves to dispatch water and block water sources during maintenance. The pipeline should have good heat preservation effect to prevent condensation in summer. The threaded connection should adopt the sealing method. When connecting the water inlet and outlet pipes with the outer pipeline, the nuts of the inlet and outlet pipes should be tightened. Do not use excessive force to form the coil and cause water leakage.

3. The drain hose of the coiled condensate pan shall not be flattened or bent, and ensure that it has a slope to facilitate the dredging of the condensate.

4. After the coil is installed, first roll the impeller by hand. If there is no mechanical friction, then turn on the power according to the wiring diagram. Although this operation has been adjusted before leaving the factory, since the shell may be deformed during shipment and installation, this should be paid attention to when using it.

5. The temperature of cold water used in the coil is not lower than 6℃, and the temperature of hot water is not higher than 65℃. The water quality is required to be clean, and softened water should be used as much as possible.

6. The coil should be cleaned of dust on the dust-proof filter on time, otherwise it will affect the use of the coil. If there is no filter, clean the heat exchanger on time.

7. When coils are used in series, the heat exchanger should be filled with water or other methods should be used to reduce tube corrosion. If it is not used for heating in winter, it is necessary to use anti-freezing methods. Vertical coils should drain the water in the heat exchanger. Horizontal coils can be used with antifreeze in the water to prevent the copper pipes from freezing and cracking. .

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