Shun Teng Fan

Hebei Shunteng Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Gaobeidian City, Hebei Province. It is a stainless steel fan manufacturer, high-pressure blower manufacturer, and anti-corrosion fan manufacturer. The factory produces various models and specifications of high, medium and low pressure centrifugal and axial fans, boilers Drum, induced draft fan, low-noise multi-stage centrifugal blower. Various large-scale induced draft fans, booster fans, dust removal fans, gas booster fans in power plants, steel plants, and coking plants; high-temperature fans in cement plants, raw material mills, anti-corrosion centrifugal fans, explosion-proof anti-corrosion fans, explosion-proof centrifugal fans, high temperature resistance Axial fan, high temperature and high pressure centrifugal fan, stainless steel high temperature resistant fan, high temperature resistant centrifugal fan, kiln head exhaust fan, kiln tail exhaust fan, grate cooler cooling fan, kiln barrel cooling fan, chute fan; petroleum, chemical plants Various anti-corrosion (titanium materials, glass fiber reinforced plastics, plastics, rubber lining) ventilators; material conveying fans and cyclone bag pulse dust collectors, screw conveyors for medium density board plants and particle board plants; and high-temperature circulation of aging furnaces, soaking furnaces, and tempering furnaces Fans: Design, manufacture, and install special fans and systems for other industries to meet the special requirements of users; at the same time, they contract large-scale rotor on-site maintenance and on-site dynamic balance, and manufacture ceramic anti-wear fan rotors and system anti-wear projects. The products are sold well in Hebei, Henan, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Ningxia, Tianjin and Northeast China, and exported to countries in Asia, Europe and America. They are well received by users and enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad.

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China's centrifugal fan industry builds the first brand with high service efficiency

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Well received by users and enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad