How do anti-corrosion fan manufacturers install seals


Anti-corrosion fan manufacturersIn the stage of designing and manufacturing centrifugal fans, because customers do not have sealing requirements, many centrifugal fans are not sealed. The common lack of sealing is at the casing and drive shaft. The following editor will share with you two anti-corrosion centrifugal fans to add sealing methods.

Since the casing and the drive shaft are under negative pressure when the centrifugal fan is running, no gas will leak out. However, after the centrifugal fan device was put into use, due to the transformation of the pipe network, the resistance change, and the medium change, leakage of gas or liquid occurred at the shaft hole of the casing.

At this time, you need to add a seal to avoid gas leakage or liquid leakage:

One: Disassemble the casing of the centrifugal fan, remove the impeller, move the transmission unit, and install a new packing seal or mechanical sealThe advantage of this method is that the newly installed seal type is optional, the device is standardized, and the disadvantage is that the workload is large and time-consuming.

Two: Without any disassembly of the centrifugal fan, a simple packing seal is added. Each set of the packing seal is composed of a section of packing, two pressing parts, and two four semicircular workpieces. When installing the seal, the two workpieces marked with the word "shell" should be placed on the shaft with the groove facing the direction of the bearing box. Weld them into a ring, and then put the two semicircular workpieces that are not marked with the casing on the drive shaft, and weld the groove toward the casing to form a ring, so that the drive shaft passes through the two rings, and the concave The grooves are opposite. Weld the ring marked with the word "Shell" on the housing. Note that the inner circle of the ring should be level with the gap of the drive shaft. One end of the tight piece can be pressed on the ring. Finally, cut a piece of packing and wrap it in the groove of the ring, tighten the nut of the pressing part, and make one end of the packing press the ring.

This method only needs to machine the workpiece in the early stage, and the device workload is very small in the later stage. It is very suitable for centrifugal fans that do not require sealing.

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