What should I do if there is a problem with the high temperature axial flow fan?


generallyHigh temperature axial fanEfficient operations are required in the application, so problems will inevitably occur in long-term use. Then, when there is a problem, how can we quickly deal with it? Let's introduce it for everyone.

1. Assuming that the centrifugal fan resonates with the bottom part during operation, you need to pay attention to whether the base is too light or there is a problem with the specification. The unstable connection of the base makes the foundation rigidity impossible, which will also cause this phenomenon, so We should pay attention to the reinforcement of the base when installing, and the strength of the connection should also be increased, and the position of the support and the soft connection should be paid more attention to ensure the safe operation of the centrifugal fan.

2. Assuming that the air volume of the centrifugal fan drops, we need to check whether the speed of the fan drops. You can check the power supply problem first. If there is no problem, check whether the pipeline is blocked, and unblock and clean up the pipeline in time. When the centrifugal fan resumes operations, there is another possibility that the seal leaks in the duct of the centrifugal fan. Assuming this is the case, the seal should be repaired and replaced in time to prevent greater problems.

Assuming that the bearing of the high-temperature-resistant axial flow fan has a high temperature, we must first see if the bearing is damaged, if there is a problem, replace it in time, if there is no problem, see if there is a lack of lubricating oil. It is a good habit to add lubricating oil when the fan is maintained. You can also see if the amount of cooling water is not enough. If it is not enough, add it.

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