Stainless steel fan manufacturers introduce the maintenance methods of fans


Stainless steel fan manufacturers recommend correct maintenance of the fan, which is an important factor in increasing the service life of the fan. Therefore, when using the fan, the maintenance of the equipment should be paid attention to. The early stage of the impeller operation and the punctual inspection should be checked. Whether the impeller has cracks, wear, dust and other problems.

1. Before being put into use formally, check whether the connection of the motor connection line and the control line are stable, and whether there is any wrong connection. Check the connecting screws of each part and tighten them if they are loose. Whether the lubricating oil in each bearing has been altered properly. Investigate whether the air intake and smoke gate roll are active. Open the cooling water valve and check whether the cooling water is active.

2. In terms of damping, the equipment can be treated with rubber damping pads, rubber damping pads, and spring dampers, and the floor bolts corresponding to the product model must be installed. The effect can also be achieved by adding iron pads or steel pads.

3. Here to remind everyone that the vibration reduction method is very useful, because noise will occur during operation and affect the surrounding living environment, the vibration reduction method can appropriately reduce the noise. Stainless steel fan manufacturers believe that the shaft in the fan equipment and the motor shaft are not on the same level, and the belt is misaligned; some parts in the equipment are deformed, such as rivets, impellers, etc.; excessive dust accumulation in the equipment will cause violent oscillation.

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