Stainless steel fan manufacturers introduce the method for judging the normal operation of centrifugal fans


When the centrifugal fan is in operation, some problems sometimes appear. These problems are generally caused by improper manufacturing and processing, model selection, equipment, and job handling. But some problems are not easy to see. So how to judge whether the centrifugal fan is operating normally? The following is an introduction to the Shun Teng stainless steel fan manufacturer.

The performance of the centrifugal fan in production:

1. Whether the bearing seat feels more gentle, not numb or prickly.

2. Whether there is vibration or large planned shaking during the operation of the impeller.

3. Whether there are abnormal dynamics during impeller operation.

4. Whether the transmission triangle belt has obvious bounce.

5. Whether the pointer of the ammeter shakes and bumps when the impeller is in operation.

Based on the above phenomenon, it can be judged whether there is a problem with the centrifugal fan. Then make specific analysis and treatment on more specific issues.

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