Stainless steel fan manufacturers-high temperature resistant centrifugal fan characteristics


The high-temperature centrifugal fan is a special fan. The high-temperature centrifugal fan is specially used in high-temperature working places. Its raw materials have strong high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance.Stainless steel fan manufacturersHow to distribute the characteristics of high temperature resistant centrifugal fans? The following editor will take you to take a look.

High temperature centrifugal fans mainly include: stainless steel high temperature resistant centrifugal fans, transmission high temperature centrifugal fans, centrifugal high temperature centrifugal fans, etc.

Stainless steel high temperature resistant centrifugal fans use different stainless steel raw materials according to the ambient temperature of the application.

The stainless steel high temperature resistant centrifugal fan produced by Shun Teng Fan can normally operate at 200 to 300 degrees.

If the operating environment is higher than 300, the raw materials and processes should be processed according to the actual situation.

Below, let us see what are the characteristics of high-temperature centrifugal fans:

1. The high-temperature centrifugal fan is mainly composed of impeller, casing, air inlet, motor, connector, cooling fan and other parts.

2. The impeller is made of multi-wing single-entry centrifugal impeller, made of high-quality galvanized sheet or cold-rolled steel plate. The impeller is composed of 10 backward inclined airfoil blades, curved front disc and flat rear disc, with high strength, It is made of high-quality steel plate with good durability and undergoes strict dynamic and static balance correction.

The air function is good, the efficiency is high, and the operation is stable.

3. The air inlet adopts a convergent streamlined vortex reduction method, with less air loss, and the high-temperature centrifugal fan has high working efficiency.

4. The high-temperature centrifugal fan casing and the motor are connected by a metal casting device, the motor shaft head is equipped with a heat dissipation fan blade, and the outer wall of the metal casting is provided with inlet and outlet pipe interfaces to cool the metal casting and the shaft head to ensure that the motor is at a high temperature. normal operation.

5. The motor uses a special high-temperature motor, and the fluid part of the high-temperature centrifugal fan uses temperature-resistant materials. The cooling structure is reliable. Compared with other boiler induced draft fans, the structure is simpler, the protection is convenient, and the cost-effectiveness is high.

The above is the introduction of high temperature resistant centrifugal fans from stainless steel fan manufacturers. I hope that today's introduction of the editor can help you. See you next time!

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