Characteristics of high temperature and high pressure centrifugal fan


Hebei Shunteng Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in Gaobeidian City, Hebei Province. It is a professional manufacturer engaged in fan manufacturing. The products are exported to countries in Asia, Europe and America, and are well received by users and enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad. Today Hebei Shunteng Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. brings youHigh temperature and high pressure centrifugal fanLet's take a look at the characteristics of the following.

1.High temperature and high pressure centrifugal fanBased on the aerodynamic sketches customized by the model test, the designers adopted advanced technological achievements such as high-strength anti-leakage bearing box and self-aligning axial hinged door.

2. Wide range, dense arrangement of machine numbers, easy to select high-efficiency working conditions.

3. The high-strength anti-wear impeller adopts backward airfoil blades to reduce the impact of airflow and has good stability. The motor is not easy to pass through the induced draft fan. The easy to wear parts of the blades use the toe and root reinforcement plates to extend the service life of the fan.

4. The anti-leakage bearing box adopts a lap-type oil thrower ring to throw the lubricating oil carried by the high-speed rotating bearing to the inner wall of the axle box and flow back to the oil pool; the semi-open aluminum oil seal is convenient for disassembly and assembly In addition to preventing rotating friction accidents, it guarantees no oil leakage and good dust-proof performance.

5. The guide vane supporting part of the self-aligning axial adjustment door is equipped with self-aligning bearings, which is safe and reliable, and ensures that the actuator is properly added with lubricating oil when the actuator is not overloaded.

6.High temperature and high pressure centrifugal fanSeparate assembly type: the three foundations of the case, the transmission unit and the electric motor.

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