How to deal with the following problems of explosion-proof centrifugal fan?


As a very commonly used equipment in industry,Explosion-proof centrifugal fanThe use of can not avoid some common problems, let us introduce the following possible problems and solutions for everyone.

Introduction to possible problems and solutions in the use of explosion-proof centrifugal fans:
1. The fan trembles violently: This kind of situation also occurs from time to time during operation. Once a more violent tremor appears, it is necessary to inform the repairer to deal with it at this time.

2. Urgent shutdown: In the operation process of the unit, it is assumed that an urgent shutdown is necessary to shut down the power immediately, and then the next aftermath work is transferred. It is very dangerous to make adjustments during the operation.

3. The bearing smokes: this kind of situation can also be found at some times, which is often because of its own temperature rise too fast. Of course, it is necessary to carefully check which part of the bearing presents the condition.

4. Low fuel tank liquid level: In some hours, the low fuel tank liquid level will cause the equipment to stop, which requires timely compensation.

5. Low oil pressure: In daily operations, it is necessary to pay attention to the numerical change of oil pressure.

The above points are the problems that are more likely to occur when using explosion-proof centrifugal fans. We have introduced related solutions to everyone. If you still don’t understand, you can leave a message or call for communication.

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