High temperature resistant axial fan technology


High temperature axial fanCompared with the general axial flow fan, there are many differences, so what are the skills of the high temperature axial flow fan? The following editor will take you to take a look.

Fan surface treatment skills

Through industrial experiments, our company selects metal powder block welding, laser coating, wear-resistant ceramic adhesive sheets, surfacing or auxiliary welding wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant structure design and other methods to reduce wear and extend service life. The effect is already in the leading position in the profession.

Gas-solid two-phase flow technology

In order to explore and deal with the problems of high strength and wear resistance of the fan rotor, our company and related colleges and universities conducted research. The key scientific research results: gas-solid two-phase flow technology. There is a policy to increase the air charge angle at the blade inlet. Make the constant particles reduce the number of collisions with the blades, and then reach the goal of extending the wear life of the impeller.

Wear-resistant ceramic skills

Key technical footnotes: The unique proposal is that our company’s wear-resistant ceramics use high-performance wear-resistant ceramics to cheat the ceramic-metal composite technology. The ceramics are placed on the surface of the equipment to reinforce the wear resistance of the machine body and increase the uniform life of the equipment. -8 times. The main points are suitable for power conveying equipment, dynamic operation of equipment with large centrifugal force, resistance to particle erosion, high temperature and no withering.

High temperature axial fanIt is generally used in places where safety accidents are prone to occur. In this way, the probability of safety accidents is reduced, and the probability of losing property safety is reduced. For such a safe explosion-proof fan, compared with ordinary fans:

1. Different motors: different motors are used, explosion-proof fans must use explosion-proof motors.

2. Impeller comparison: There are requirements for the material of the impeller and the azimuth material of the inner wall of the casing corresponding to the impeller, and it is required that they will not spark if they are in a rubbing condition.

3. The gap between the impeller and the casing: explosion-proof fans have a lower limit on the gap between the impeller and the casing. In the pursuit of power, fans often have upper limits for gaps, which are contradictory to each other.

4. The explosion-proof fan has stricter requirements for safety protection at the inlet and outlet.

5.High temperature axial fanThe simple structure of the fan with the direct connection of the motor and the impeller is adopted, which changes the messy structure of the coal mine's extractive axial flow ventilation and all adopting belt transmission or long shaft transmission at that time, which is conducive to work and repair.

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