Why sometimes the high-pressure fan cannot start normally? Shun Teng high-pressure blower manufacturer introduces possible reasons for everyone


Sometimes people will find that after the high-pressure fan is plugged in, it does not start normally, so is the fan broken? At this time, we need to understand the possible reasons for the abnormal startup of the high-pressure blower. The following Shun Teng high-pressure blower manufacturer will introduce for everyone.
The high-pressure blower manufacturer of Shun Teng fan summarized several reasons for not starting, mainly as follows:

1. The power is not connected and confess that the power is connected.
2. The external circuit of the high-pressure fan is open, confessing that the power supply and control circuit are intact.
3. Inspect the electrical wiring for faults in accordance with the instructions on the wiring nameplate.
4. The metal connector of the circuit is not in excellent contact with the metal pressure plate of the terminal base and reconnects from the beginning.

5. The upper row of the motor wiring plug on the wiring seat is loose. Connect the plug according to the instructions on the wiring nameplate.
6. The lead wire of the high-pressure fan is disconnected and contact the after-sales part. It is not allowed to disassemble the motor for inspection without permission.
7. The high-voltage fan capacitor wiring is open or the capacitor is damaged. The internal winding of the motor is open.

If the high-pressure fan starts abnormally, you can refer to the method introduced by the above-mentioned Shun Teng high-pressure fan manufacturer to check. If the problem cannot be solved, you can leave a message or call for communication.

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