The usual maintenance and storage methods of high temperature resistant centrifugal fans


nowHigh temperature resistant centrifugal fanThere are more and more applications, so that the machine equipment has been used for a long time, and the maintenance and storage methods related to it must be learned and trained. The content below is also expected to read the article carefully.

1. The natural environment of the application should always be kept clean, the surface should be kept clean, the air inlet and outlet of the air conditioner should not be dirty, and the dust and other dirt in the centrifugal fan and pipeline should be eliminated on time.

2. The centrifugal fan can only be operated under normal conditions. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the power supply system has sufficient equipment volume, stable working voltage, and breakage operation is prohibited. The power supply system must be a dedicated line, and temporary power supply systems cannot be used for a long time. .

3. During the whole process of operation, abnormal noises, severe hot motor, induction electrification of the shell, power switch tripping, and no start-up are found during the entire operation. Please shut down and check first. In order to ensure safety, operation is not allowed. Carry out maintenance during inspection, and test operation should be carried out for five minutes after inspection, and operation should be started after confirming that there is no abnormal condition.

4. According to the application of natural environment standards, the rolling bearing should be filled or replaced with grease frequently (the motor enclosed rolling bearing does not need to be removed and replaced during the service period). In order to ensure excellent lubrication during the entire operation, the refueling frequency is many For 100 hours/time enclosed rolling bearings and motor rolling bearings, use zl-3 lithium-based grease to fill 1/3 of the inner and outer rings of the rolling bearing; it is forbidden to run with little oil.

5. The high temperature resistant centrifugal fan should be stored in a dry natural environment to prevent the motor from returning to moisture. When storing outdoors, defensive countermeasures are required, and bumps and bumps should be avoided during the whole process of storage and transportation to prevent damage.

The above five points are the maintenance and storage methods of high-temperature centrifugal fans. Grasping the above methods will reasonably reduce the damage of the centrifugal fan, ensure the normal operation of all high-temperature centrifugal fans, and improve the economic benefits of production!

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