What are the composition and installation forms of high temperature resistant centrifugal fans


Nowadays, high-temperature resistant centrifugal fans are used by more and more companies. The key reason is their unique structural characteristics. In order to consider the requirements of many friends, today our professional and technical personnel will explain the structural characteristics and installation forms of the equipment in detail. .

1. The key of high temperature resistant centrifugal fan is composed of centrifugal impeller, shell, air inlet, motor, radio frequency connector, heat pipe cooling fan blade and other parts;

2. The centrifugal impeller of the high temperature resistant fan uses the multi-wing single-inlet fan impeller, which is made of high-quality galvanized steel sheet or cold-rolled sheet, and the leaves are designed according to the basic principle of gas driving force. The raw materials are made of high-quality thick steel plates with high compressive strength and good durability, and have undergone strict dynamic and balance effects, excellent gas performance, high efficiency, and stable operation;

3. The air inlet adopts the convergent streamlined vortex reduction form, the cyclone damage is small, and the working efficiency of the fan is high;

4. The fan shell and the motor are installed and connected with metal castings. The heat pipe cooling fan blades are installed on the top of the motor shaft. The outer and inner walls of the metal castings are set up with inlet and outlet sockets to reduce the temperature of the metal castings and shaft heads to ensure The motor works normally under high temperature;

5. The motor uses a unique high-temperature motor, and part of the fan fluid mechanics uses high-temperature-resistant raw materials, and the performance of the temperature reduction structure is reliable. Compared with the actual heating furnace induced draft fan, the high temperature resistant fan is simple in structure, convenient in maintenance and cost-effective.

The installation form of the high temperature resistant centrifugal fan is introduced:

1. This fan has two forms: recognize from the side of the motor, the centrifugal impeller rotating clockwise is called right-handed fan, expressed as "right"; the centrifugal impeller rotating counter-clockwise is called left-handed fan, expressed as "left" .

2. The entrance and exit of the fan are expressed in the perspective of the vent of the shell. Fans No. 1.5 to 6 are all made into an adjustable form when they are originally manufactured, and the application company can install them in the necessary positions according to the regulations. The adjustment range of the vent position is 0°~255°, and the pitch is 45°. The transmission system method is "A" type direct drive system.

I believe that after our introduction, everyone has a certain understanding of the structural characteristics and installation forms of high-temperature centrifugal fans. The installation forms of many fans with different models and specifications are roughly the same. If you don’t know anything about it, or want to proceed For purchases, please contact our customer service!

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