How to waterproof the anticorrosive centrifugal fan


The application of anti-corrosion centrifugal fans is more common in natural environments. Different natural environments have certain advantages. For example, at the level of waterproofing, everyone must consider that the fans themselves belong to the industrial equipment of household appliances. Therefore, there is a certain degree of waterproof work. According to the regulations, when installing, everyone should pay attention to minimize touching the damp and cold natural environment to prevent environmental pollution from jeopardizing the actual effect of the fan application. Here is a detailed introduction to how the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan is waterproof.

1. The flashing plate around the base of the anticorrosive centrifugal fan should be fixed with blind rivets. The diameter of the bolt should be 5mm, and the relative density of the bolt should be 10 cm. The firmness should not be loosened, the surroundings of the flooding plate should be leveled and the corners should not be warped, let alone slumped. In addition, the surrounding flashing board is slightly higher than the outer part of the base by a few centimeters, so that there will be no water storage around the fan.

2. The water outlet of 15 cm to 20 cm should be reserved for the upper part of the anticorrosive centrifugal fan, and there should be a pipe joint under the wave soldering opening.

3. There should be no large-scale rusty black spots around the base of the fan.

The above three levels are the introduction to the waterproof work of the anticorrosive centrifugal fan. When carrying out the whole installation process, pay attention to the effective selection of the installation part to avoid the installation part being too low and suffering from the hazard of water storage, which is very easy to cause damage to the machinery and equipment. The erosion caused by the situation will destroy the equipment and cause inconvenience in our manufacturing work. Therefore, we must attach great importance to the waterproof level to ensure proper installation and application.

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