What should be paid attention to when selecting the anticorrosive centrifugal fan


The anticorrosive centrifugal fan is a very critical stage in the selection of models. The proper selection of models affects whether they can give full play to greater efficiency, resulting in greater work efficiency. The technical personnel of this enterprise below give users some specific guidance and suggestions with reference value for today's problems, and I hope it will be helpful to you.

First, before choosing the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan model, it is necessary to clarify the flow, working pressure, and relative density of the steam, which are the three elements of the whole process of selecting the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan.

Relative density: If the relative density is not given, it is necessary to measure or calculate the relative density of the gas under the working conditions based on the natural environment of the fan working conditions, such as altitude, local atmospheric pressure, operating temperature, and steam standard density.

The first stage of selection:

Working pressure: According to the given or measured relative density of the working condition, the working condition pressure is converted to the working pressure at the thermodynamic temperature of the fan. If the fan is equipped with an air inlet box or a muffler, the working pressure damage should be taken into consideration, which can be calculated or estimated, and the damage is generally estimated to be in the middle of 100Pa-300Pa.

Flow rate: If the system software specifies the mass flow rate of the steam, the mass flow of the steam must be calculated as the capacity flow at the thermodynamic temperature of the fan. If the system software specifies the capacity flow of the steam, the capacity flow under the thermodynamic temperature of the fan is the same as the capacity flow under the working condition.

Since the calculation of specific speed is the key process in the whole process of fan selection, it is the key basis for distinguishing the actual solid model of the fan. Substituting the main performance parameters and speed ratio calculated under the thermodynamic temperature of the fan into the calculation method of specific speed, different specific speeds can be obtained according to different speed ratios, and the first-order specific speed is the basis for single suction fans; The second-order specific speed is the basis of the double-suction fan.

The second stage of selection:

The solid model of the anticorrosive centrifugal fan decides its performance curve. The performance curve is divided into a dimensional curve and a non-dimensional curve. Dimensional graphs are the basis for judging whether to consider on-the-spot regulations, while dimensionless graphs are the basis for sketching the characteristics of wind turbines. Dimensionality means diversity, and dimensionlessness means objectivity. The main dimensionless parameters that can be used generally include flow index, working pressure index, internal high efficiency, and specific speed. One of the flow index and working pressure index can be used as the basis for calculating the fan number. The specific speed is the basis for selecting the physical model of the fan, and the internal high efficiency is the basis for distinguishing whether the physical model is a high-efficiency fan.

According to the calculated specific speed, select the physical model of the fan and distinguish whether its relative point is in the high efficiency zone. When in the high efficiency zone, the fan number is basically calculated based on the matching flow index or working pressure index.

The third stage of selection:

According to the known relative density, speed ratio, physical model, and round the rough calculation of the fan machine number, using the computer's picking and mapping function, the fan's dimensional performance curve can be expressed, and the fan's workmanship can be calibrated. For the operating point, you can also list the dimensional performance table and the geographic location of the calibration operating point. Further, the internal output power of the fan can be calculated according to the performance of specific working conditions.

The above are the three major links that should be paid attention to when selecting the anticorrosive centrifugal fan. When purchasing, you should follow the above process to select to ensure that you can pick the appropriate fan. If there is anything you don’t understand, you are warmly welcome to consult us. .

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