What are the characteristics and uses of high temperature centrifugal fans


The term high temperature resistant centrifugal fan is relatively unfamiliar to people. The key is the special centrifugal fan used for high temperature operation, which is rarely used in ordinary households. However, it is widely used in industrial production, and its high temperature resistance makes it warmly welcomed by unique industries such as chemical plant industrial production, crude oil, and metallurgical industry. Let’s take a look at the characteristics and main uses of high-temperature centrifugal fans.

(1) The high temperature fan is composed of centrifugal impeller, casing, air inlet, motor, radio frequency connector, heat pipe cooling fan blade and other parts. The air inlet adopts the convergent streamlined vortex reduction method, the cyclone damage is small, and the high-temperature fan has high working efficiency.

(2) The centrifugal impeller is a multi-wing single-inlet fan impeller, which is made of high-quality galvanized steel sheet or cold-rolled sheet. The blades are designed according to the basic principle of gas driving force. The centrifugal impeller is composed of 10 backward-inclined aircraft airfoil blades, a curved front disc and a tablet rear disc. The raw materials are made of high-quality thick steel plates with high compressive strength and good durability, and have undergone strict dynamic and balance effects. Excellent gas performance, high efficiency and stable operation.

(3) The high temperature fan shell and the motor are installed and connected with metal material castings, the heat pipe cooling fan blades are installed on the top of the motor shaft head, and the outer and inner walls of the metal material castings are set up with water inlet and outlet sockets to reduce the temperature of the metal material castings and the shaft head. , To ensure the normal operation of the motor under high temperature.

(4) The motor uses a unique high-temperature motor, and part of the high-temperature fan fluid mechanics uses high-temperature-resistant raw materials, and the performance of the temperature reduction structure is reliable. Compared with other boiler induced draft fans, it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and high cost performance.

The vapor to be transported is gas or other vapor that is non-flammable, non-self-destructive, non-coiling, harmless to the body, and corrosion-resistant to steel materials. It can also be used for transportation in various industries without corrosion, fire, and heat flow, steam, and smoke without viscous chemical substances. Others with similar performance can also be used, but the temperature of the transported material cannot exceed its rated temperature range.

There should be no viscous chemicals in the steam, and the dust and hard particles should not exceed 150mg/m3. If the amount of dust is large, the ash removal equipment above 85% must be modified before the centrifugal fan to reduce the amount of dust and dust entering the centrifugal fan, so as to improve the service life of the centrifugal fan.

Although most people don’t know much about high-temperature centrifugal fans, its huge use is undeniable, and the air supply and dispersal functions are all safe and efficient. In addition, the safety aspect of everyone’s application is It is absolutely possible to ensure that such an instrument is undoubtedly made with high precision. Owning it enables people to work more efficiently in the industrial production industry.

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