​The root cause of the ineffective high temperature centrifugal fan bearing


The high temperature resistant centrifugal fan consists of several parts, and each part fully exerts its key function. The bearing is one of the key parts. During the whole process of operation, the machine and equipment rely on the bearing to promote the operation. If the bearing becomes invalid, it will cause all the machinery and equipment to be unable to operate normally. Therefore, it is necessary to find the cause of the bearing invalidity immediately. Let me explain the reason for the invalid bearing.

1. The bearing load of the high temperature resistant centrifugal fan will destroy the lubricating oil film of the bearing and cause damage to the bearing. The cause is that the angle of view of the fan blades is adjusted too large; the rotating part and the stationary part have friction; the transmission belt of the transmission system is too tight; the gap in the bearing work is too small and the running time is too long.

2. Problems at the lubricant level. The key is because the viscosity of the lubricating oil is too high or too low; there are residual particles in the lubricating oil; the lubricating oil contains water to make the oil emulsion and the lubricating oil insufficient.

3. For the sake of spare parts and assembly line. The quality of the spare parts is not good; the bearing turnover body and the surface of the ropeway are not smooth and the precision is low; the bearing oil gap is too large; the shaft and level of the high temperature resistant centrifugal fan are not vertical; some leaves are damaged; The flatness of the fan shaft and the motor shaft exceeds the standard and other factors.

4. In summer, due to the pouring of the fire-fighting spray, the bearing box lubricating oil emulsion causes the bearing to be ineffective. It indicates that the key element of the frequent maintenance of high-temperature centrifugal fans is that the bearing box lubricating oil emulsion causes damage to the fan bearings, which causes the rotating parts of the fan to become static. Pieces are damaged and shaken. Frequent maintenance of the fan not only consumes a lot of spare parts, but also expands the labor efficiency of maintenance workers, and also creates safety hazards to production safety. Therefore, it was decided to carry out partial renewal and transformation of the fan, and a set of moisture-proof system software for the design of the fan.

The above is the fundamental reason for the ineffectiveness of the bearings of the high-temperature centrifugal fan. People can see that the reasons for the ineffectiveness of the bearings are relatively different. Therefore, when working with machinery and equipment, pay attention to the inspection of each component. It is very important to check the air intake system to prevent the bearing from being unable to work normally due to poor lubrication, and to perform maintenance on the machinery and equipment on time to improve the working efficiency of the machinery and equipment.

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