How to install explosion-proof centrifugal fan


The installation and alignment of explosion-proof centrifugal fans are based on the different precision regulations, drive methods, speed ratios, output power, etc. of various explosion-proof centrifugal fans, with different regulations in their content and level. Therefore, it is very important to carry out installation and search according to the different regulations of explosion-proof centrifugal fans.

(1) Clean up the surface of the basic concrete and check its flatness. If it does not comply with the regulations, the uneven part can be flattened.

(2) Put the base of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan into the base, insert the cushion block between the base surface and the base surface of the tomb, and only need to ensure that the mortar flows into the air during the drying process. Use the cushion block to adjust the flatness so that the base of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan is at an absolute level.

(3) When installing general explosion-proof centrifugal fans, you can also prepare in advance dozens of rectangular frame spacers (thick steel plates) with different thicknesses, and use several double words for adjustment. The explosion-proof centrifugal fan with coupling drive system can be used. The coupling is inspected, and after adjusting the level, it is welded and fixed in place by electric welding.

(4) The anchor bolt hole where the anchor bolt passes over the base shall be vertically bisected in the square through the anchor bolt.

(5) The holes for anchor bolts and the gaps between the base and the subgrade concrete shall be filled with sufficient mortar to ensure the compressive strength of the concrete parts.

When installing an explosion-proof centrifugal fan with high critical or high precision requirements, first pour the mortar into the holes where the anchor bolts are laid. After it is sufficiently hard-bottomed, align it again and adjust it to a level. Then, the mortar is poured into the space between the base and the concrete of the roadbed stick.

(6) After your mortar is sufficiently hardened, tighten the nuts of the anchor bolts.

(7) The grouting process is very critical for the entire installation process of all explosion-proof centrifugal fans. It is not only effective for the indoor space between the base and the roadbed concrete, but also very harmful to the transmission of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan load and the assistance of the bending stiffness of the mechanical equipment. Therefore, during engineering construction, attention should be paid to the collapsibility and fractureability of drilling mud, and effective engineering construction methods should be adopted.

(8) For general large and medium-sized explosion-proof centrifugal fans, the casing and the base are separated. For split explosion-proof centrifugal fans, the casing is divided into several parts.

(9) In some situations, because it is impossible to set sufficient roadbed, explosion-proof centrifugal fans are often installed on shock absorbers to ease the transmission force of vibration. The shock absorbers should be developed with the center of gravity of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan as the management center. The layout ensures that the reduction of each shock absorber is the same.

(10) In housing construction, explosion-proof centrifugal fans are sometimes installed in the form of Tianxu suspension. Except for extremely small and medium-sized explosion-proof centrifugal fans that can be installed with a hanging anchor bolt structure, electric welding and welding structures should be used as much as possible to form a ceiling-mounted base.

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