Stainless steel fan manufacturers introduce you to the causes and solutions of the vibration failure of the stainless steel fan motor


We are professionalStainless steel fan manufacturers, The quality of the products produced is guaranteed. However, after long-term use, the machine may malfunction to the motor. What is the reason? How should we deal with it? Let's introduce it for everyone.

The reason analysis and treatment methods of the common failures of the centrifugal fan and motor vibration encountered by the stainless steel fan in operation are as follows:

1. The stainless steel fan shaft and the motor shaft are not concentric or inclined;

Elimination method: Carry out adjustment and correct the heart again.

2. The impeller blades of axial flow fans are eroded or damaged severely, or the blades have rust, dust and other appendages that cause the impeller to be unbalanced; or after the impeller blades are removed and replaced, the impeller is unbalanced;

Elimination method: Carefully remove and replace the impeller blades, and carry out the rotor dynamic balancing effect again.

3. There will be gaps when the stainless steel fan coupling is installed shifted or installed;

Elimination method: adjust the coupling again.

4. The basic bending stiffness is insufficient or not strong;

Elimination method: improve the basics.

5. The anchor bolts, shell and support frame or rolling bearing base anchor bolts are loose;

Elimination method: Tighten all anchor bolts.

6. The stainless steel fan is not working under stable working conditions;

Elimination method: Adjust the operating conditions of the axial flow fan to make it work in a stable area.

7. The tightening anchor bolts of stainless steel fan impeller wheel rim and shaft disk or streamlined cover and base plate are loose;

Elimination method: carefully and tighten the anchor bolts.

8. Poor installation or destruction of rolling bearings causes modern control theory;

Elimination method: repair and replace the rolling bearing.

9. Poor construction of stainless steel fan inlet and exhaust pipes causes vibration;

Elimination method: repair the inlet and exhaust pipes.

The above is the solution to the cause of the motor failure introduced by the stainless steel fan manufacturer. If you need to know more about the content, we welcome you to leave us a message or call.

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