What is the specific speed of a stainless steel fan


What is the specific speed of a stainless steel fan and how to calculate it? The following stainless steel fan manufacturers will introduce for everyone.

The stainless steel fan manufacturer introduces the specific speed for everyone, as follows:

1. The specific speed of the steel fan is a comprehensive technical parameter that represents the fan of this series of products. After the model test, the fan of the same series has the only specific speed.

2. For estimation, set the total flow Qm=10m3/s, Hm=1Hg, and run under its maximum high efficiency standard. At this time, the fan speed ratio of the experiment is the specific number of rotations of the series of products. According to the calculation based on the basic theoretical formula, measuring the specific speed of a certain fan is large, indicating that its exhaust air volume is large and the wind pressure is small. On the contrary, the smaller the specific speed, the total flow is small and the wind pressure is large.

3. For a fan with a larger specific speed, the total area of ​​the impeller in and out is large, when it is enlarged to a certain value. The reason for this is that the centrifugal fan with axial discharge becomes another fan method with radial discharge, that is, the axial flow fan. The specific rotation number determines the Q and H curve, so the specific rotation number reflects the characteristics of the fan. , Structure and application characteristics. Generally, the smaller the specific speed of the stainless steel fan, the higher the wind pressure and the narrower shell.

The above is the specific speed introduced by this stainless steel fan manufacturer. You should understand it. For more related content consultation, we welcome you to leave a message or call us.

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