Stainless steel fan manufacturers introduce you to the regular inspection of stainless steel fans


Stainless steel fan is theStainless steel fan manufacturersOne of the main products produced, how to do regular inspections of it in normal times? Many people are not very clear, let's introduce it for everyone.

The regular inspection methods of stainless steel fans are as follows:
1. Check every day.

(1) Check the oil level. Too much or too little grease will destroy the rolling bearing.

(2) Check the temperature of the main and auxiliary oil and rolling bearing parts.

(3) Check the working pressure of suction and discharge to determine whether the operating condition of the centrifugal fan is normal.

(4) Check the motor load. If the load of the motor is enlarged, it means that there is some kind of abnormal situation, and the reason should be investigated.

(5) Check the actual effect of packing seal.

2. Three-month inspection.

Dismantle and replace the main fuel tank car oil and clean the air filter element.

3. Inspection for most of the year.

Remove and replace the grease in the auxiliary oil tank, and check the condition of the stainless steel fan pipeline support plate. Packing-sealed centrifugal fans should be checked for leak tightness.

4. One year inspection.

(1) Check the circular arc mouth sealing ring.

(2) Check the centrifugal impeller and the inside of the casing, and check the gaps everywhere.

(3) Check the transmission gear.

Based on timely inspection and careful maintenance, we firmly believe that stainless steel wind will increase the service life. The above is the relevant introduction brought by this stainless steel fan manufacturer. If you need to consult and order this product, we welcome you to leave us a message or call, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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