Stainless steel fan manufacturers introduce how to deal with stainless steel fan condensation


Condensation will have negative effects on stainless steel fans, such as erosion of equipment, damage to the normal operation of equipment, and reduction of fan service life. Therefore, when using fan equipment, it is found that condensation must be handled properly to prevent the dew from becoming worse. This stainless steel fan manufacturer will introduce the solutions for condensation to prevent the condensation problem of fan equipment as soon as possible.

1. Reduce the frequency of opening and closing doors as much as possible, and reflect on the lack of airtightness in the room from the outside.

2. If it is a side vent, adjust the horizontal louver to blow up as much as possible to prevent the louver from being lost after condensation.

3. The stainless steel fan can expand the exhaust air volume, and adjust the wind power to high-end as much as possible or open the conditioning valve as much as possible.

4. If there is a standard, a thin PE insulation board can be attached to the side of the air outlet of the stainless steel fan, and a layer of hydrophobic glass wool material can be sprayed on the multi-leaf positive pressure air outlet to prevent condensation.

In addition, every time you start the application of stainless steel fans, you must do a good job in the corresponding inspection work to ensure that the fan equipment is free, and the application can work normally after the application is completed, and shut down according to the appropriate method after the application is completed.

The above is the stainless steel fan manufacturer's introduction to the treatment of stainless steel fan condensation. If you need to know more about the content of the product, we welcome you to leave us a message or call.

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