Stainless steel fan manufacturers introduce you how to do a good job of splicing stainless steel fans


The application of stainless steel fan in life is still very extensive, and it can be seen in many times, so how is it spliced? The following stainless steel fan manufacturer introduces for everyone.

Stainless steel fan manufacturers introduce you to the splicing of stainless steel fans, as follows:

1. Before installation, all parts of the stainless steel plate cooling fan must be inspected by combos. Check whether the rotation direction of the feather car and the shell is the same, and the connection of each part cannot be separated. If you find something wrong with the stainless steel fan, you need to adjust it.

2. Be sure to check the enclosure during installation. Unique special tools and stains will fall, so there is no need to stay in the shell. In order to prevent erosion and difficulty in dissolution, it is also necessary to wipe grease or mechanical lubricant on many welding surfaces.

3. The stainless steel fan and the base are closely connected to the surface, and the channel and the gas pipe at the inlet and outlet are connected to each other to adjust when it is consistent with the natural situation. Forcible connection is not allowed, and pay attention not to add the total weight of the water pipe to the part of the stainless steel plate cooling fan, and ensure the position of the stainless steel plate cooling fan.

4. When installing the stainless steel fan, not only do the pre-installation inspection, but also properly splice the equipment, and then do the inspection work to ensure that the fan has no problems, and then start the trial operation.

The above is the splicing content of the stainless steel fan introduced by this stainless steel fan manufacturer. I hope it can be helpful to everyone. If you need to know more about it, we welcome you to leave a message or call us.

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