What to do when an explosion-proof centrifugal fan fails


Explosion-proof centrifugal fanWhat should I do if something goes wrong? Today, the editor will give you a detailed introduction.

Explosion-proof centrifugal fans have created a huge convenience for everyone's food, clothing, shelter and transportation, and have a key guarantee for everyone's life safety.

First of all, you must immediately dial the after-sales maintenance phone to communicate with the manufacturer immediately, indicate the reason, and wait for the solution. If we find that the total flow of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan is too large in the whole process of use, it does not meet the application regulations or the total flow must be small in the short term, we can use the throttling device to adjust. In the whole process of driving, parking or running the explosion-proof centrifugal fan, if an abnormal condition is found, the inspection should be carried out first.

Regularly maintain the coordination of the temperature gauge and the bottom of the oil level, and control the oil level of the rolling bearing box within the required allowable range. After each disassembly, the explosion-proof centrifugal fan should be dismantled and replaced in addition to the lubricant, and the lubricant should be dismantled and replaced on time. The seated bearings of the E-type transmission system should be inspected on time, cleaned and lubricated to prevent the rolling bearings from burning. For minor faults found in the inspection, the cause should be found out immediately, and every effort should be made to clear or solve them. If minor faults cannot be cleared or major faults are found, inspections should be carried out first.

The solution to the failure of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan is here for everyone. If you have any doubts about the explosion-proof centrifugal fan, you are welcome to leave a message online anytime, anywhere. The technical professional manufacturer will do our best to serve you, and you are welcome to care anytime and anywhere. Our website publishes a large number of professional skills about explosion-proof centrifugal fans, we will sort out for you again.

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