How to deal with the shutdown of explosion-proof centrifugal fan belt burnt


Explosion-proof centrifugal fanWhat should I do if the belt is burned and shut down? The following editor will give you a detailed introduction.

Explosion-proof centrifugal fans can be used as indoor air ventilation for general engineering projects, warehouses for inflammable and explosive materials, tunnel construction, cave dwellings and large and medium-sized buildings, conveyor gas and other natural, harmless, and steel talents. No corrosive vapor. What should I do if the explosion-proof centrifugal fan belt burns and shuts down? The editor below will explain it for you:

(1) After selecting the pulley for the sake, the decision is made to select the pulley again. Fully consider the original design plan that the pulleys are connected by flat keys. In order to obtain the clearance fit, it must be hot-assembled, and installation and disassembly are both troublesome. Now it is decided to use the spherical ductile sleeve non-key connection structure. In order to reduce the uneven quality of pig iron pulleys, the keyless connection type uses beam-end hollow; in order to improve the precision of the pulleys, the pulleys that are deeply processed by CNC milling machines are used. After selection, the European classical belt reel is used, and the corresponding belt must also be changed in model specifications.

(2) The belt selection is because the pitch circle of the pulley is straight and enlarged, so the belt needs to be lengthened under the condition of ensuring the base distance. After selecting the belts for supporting facilities, after upgrading all the pulleys and belts of the 14 high-pressure centrifugal fans on the spot, the centrifugal fans continued to run stably, the pulleys and belts did not deviate, and the temperature was normal. The exhaust air volume also considers the manufacturing regulations.

The above is the processing of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan belt burnt and shutdown. If you want to master other relevant professional knowledge, please pay attention to our website!

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