How to classify explosion-proof centrifugal fans


Explosion-proof centrifugal fans are suitable for manufacturing industries such as factories, coal mines, tunnel furnaces, petrochemicals, etc. The explosion-proof centrifugal fans are highly explosion-proof and reliable in operation. The connection terminals of the explosion-proof centrifugal fans use annular stoppers and sealing rings to improve the processing precision of key parts The motor shaft adopts a parallel-plane vertical radiator structure, and several electrical equipment and mechanical design countermeasures such as expanding the total heat dissipation area of ​​the heat pipe. The level of anti-fouling and moisture-proof is improved by an equal pole, and the operation of the motor is more reliable. At this stage, there are many types of explosion-proof centrifugal fans, let's get to know the classification rules of explosion-proof centrifugal fans.

1. According to the basic principles of the motor: it can be divided into explosion-proof multi-threaded motors, explosion-proof simultaneous motors and explosion-proof DC motors.

2. Divided by application site: It can be divided into explosion-proof motors for coal mines and explosion-proof motors for factories.

3. According to the basic principles of explosion protection: it can be divided into explosion-proof motors, increased safety motors, positive pressure motors, flame-free motors and smoke and dust explosion-proof motors.

Fourth, according to the server of supporting facilities: it can be divided into explosion-proof motors for coal mine conveyors, explosion-proof motors for coal mine winches, explosion-proof motors for rock loaders, explosion-proof motors for fans in coal mines, and explosion-proof motors for gate valves.

Therefore, when we select explosion-proof centrifugal fans, we must carry out effective selection based on our own application conditions. Choosing a suitable explosion-proof centrifugal fan is beneficial to improve our work efficiency.

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