What matters should be paid attention to when selecting explosion-proof centrifugal fans


The key performance parameters of explosion-proof centrifugal fans are output power, exhaust air volume and working pressure. So what problems should people pay attention to in the selection of motors in normal times? The following Jingdian Port network editor will give you a detailed introduction.

1. Before selecting explosion-proof centrifugal fans, you should master the production and product quality status of explosion-proof centrifugal fans in China, such as the types, specifications and models of explosion-proof centrifugal fans manufactured and the unique main uses of various commodities, and the development trend of innovative products. And the marketing and promotion situation, etc., should also consider the regulations of environmental protection, so that it is convenient to choose the best use of explosion-proof centrifugal fans.

2. According to the different physics and physical properties of the steam conveyed by the explosion-proof centrifugal fan, choose explosion-proof centrifugal fans with different main purposes. If transporting explosive and combustible gas, choose explosion-proof ventilator; choose dust exhaust or pulverized coal ventilator for dust exhaust or transport pulverized coal; choose anti-corrosion and explosion-proof centrifugal fan for transporting corrosive gas; in high temperature locations High-temperature explosion-proof centrifugal fans should be selected when working or transporting high-temperature steam.

3. When it is found on the fan selection performance data chart that there are about two explosion-proof centrifugal fans available for selection, priority should be given to high efficiency, high efficiency and small size: the one with a large adjustment range, and perhaps more aspects Relatively, deliberate and make decisions.

4. If the selected centrifugal impeller has a larger straight diameter than that of the original explosion-proof centrifugal fan, in order to use the original motor shaft, rolling bearings and rubber bearings, etc., be sure to check the motor start time and the original explosion-proof centrifugal fan. The compressive strength of the components and the critical state speed ratio of the shaft are carried forward.

5. When selecting the axial flow type explosion-proof centrifugal fan, when the applicable motor rated power is lower than or equivalent to 75KW, do not hang a gate valve only for starting. When selecting a centrifugal boiler induced draft fan for conveying high-temperature smoke or gas, a gate valve for starting must be installed to prevent load during hot operation.

6. When selecting explosion-proof centrifugal fans, try to reduce the use of explosion-proof centrifugal fans in series or series connection. When it is unavoidable, explosion-proof centrifugal fans of the same model and performance should be selected to work together. When the series connection is selected, a certain pipeline connection is required between the first-stage explosion-proof centrifugal fan and the second-stage high-pressure hot fan.

7. The new explosion-proof centrifugal fan used should take into account the flexible use of original machinery and equipment, suitable on-site manufacturing and installation, and safe operation.

8. For the explosion-proof centrifugal fan system software with noise reduction regulations, the explosion-proof centrifugal fan with high efficiency and low centrifugal impeller center speed should be selected first, and make it work at a higher efficiency; also should be based on the noise caused by the exhaust system And the transmission effect of vibration, take effective measures for noise reduction and vibration reduction.

The above is the introduction of explosion-proof centrifugal fans. If you are also interested in our products, please inquire!

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