Where can explosion-proof centrifugal fans be used


In the centrifugal fan manufacturing industry, many types of centrifugal fans have appeared today, most of which are defined based on the key characteristics of centrifugal fans. Safer application of explosion-proof centrifugal fans, the editor summarizes the scope of application of some explosion-proof centrifugal fans, and I look forward to some assistance to everyone.

Generally speaking, explosion-proof centrifugal fans are suitable for oil and gas boiler rooms, high-concentration smoke and dust workshops, oil depots, gas storage stations, storage rooms for flammable and explosive objects and other places with explosion-proof regulations. The working temperature of the explosion-proof centrifugal fan cannot exceed 60℃. The explosion-proof centrifugal fan is also used in general factories, warehouses, company offices, and houses in natural ventilation or strong radiator heat pipes to dissipate heat. It can also be used with long exhaust pipes. The internal spacing is installed in series to increase the working pressure in the pipeline, and the motor can be used as a fan at will if the motor is removed. For example, in enclosed indoor spaces such as storage of paint and gasoline for cars, natural ventilation must be made immediately. Gasoline and paint for cars are easy to volatilize. Therefore, if you encounter a spark, it will cause disasters. At this time, you must choose a suitable one. The explosion-proof centrifugal fan is out.

When we select explosion-proof centrifugal fans, we must figure out where the explosion-proof centrifugal fans can be used without causing unnecessary risks.

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