What do different explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fans have in common?


According to different classification methods, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fans can be divided into many types, but no matter what kind of fans, they have the following common points:

1. Made of special materials: Fans have special requirements for materials. If there are no special requirements, secondary processing will be performed on ordinary materials to make them have the characteristics of explosion-proof and anti-corrosion.

2. All have undergone special treatment: In terms of explosion protection, materials will be specially selected and treated, and special treatment is required in terms of anti-corrosion. In the face of high temperature, high humidity, and high pH environment, fans will be treated with special treatment. Therefore, We have seen many explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fans have special treatment.

3. High sealing performance: Fans with explosion-proof and anti-corrosion functions generally transport flammable and explosive gases. Whether it is a Roots blower or other types of fans, it has high requirements for sealing. Fortunately, there will be potential safety accidents. Secondly, if it is a rare gas, the tightness is not good, and it will also cause a waste of resources. Therefore, the tightness is not to be underestimated.

4. The motor is equipped with explosion-proof motors: explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fans are generally equipped with explosion-proof motors, and the performance of explosion-proof motors in all aspects will be better than ordinary motors.

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