The working principle of anticorrosive centrifugal fan


Anticorrosive centrifugal fanIt is a kind of equipment with high energy consumption. The power engineering resources of centrifugal fans consume a large proportion in stone processing plants. With the current shortage of electric energy in my country and the application and promotion of increased production and high-efficiency tunneling face, energy saving and emission reduction It has become a widespread concern of marble manufacturing enterprises. Many marble manufacturing enterprises regard reducing the heat consumption of centrifugal fans as their current important work. In addition to improving the efficiency of the centrifugal fan itself, it is most important to reduce the heat consumption of the centrifugal fan. Reasonably adopt the adjustment method of the centrifugal fan. Because the load of marble production varies with the needs of the process, most centrifugal fans need to be based on the server load. And often adjust the flow. At present, the energy-saving adjustment methods of centrifugal fans in stone processing factories are relatively shabby, and throttle valves are generally used for adjustment.

Anticorrosive centrifugal fanIn normal work, a variety of common failures may occur. For common failures that occur, the causes must be found out and solved in time to prevent safety accidents. The following reasons can cause excessive movement of the rolling bearing housing:

1. The shaft of the centrifugal fan is not parallel to the motor shaft, and the belt pulley groove is shifted.

2. The casing or air inlet is rubbed against the centrifugal impeller.

3. The bending rigidity of the foundation is insufficient or not strong.

4. The centrifugal impeller bolts are loose.

5. The centrifugal impeller shaft disc and the shaft are loose.

6. The anchor bolts connecting the shell and the supporting frame, the rolling bearing box and the supporting frame, the rolling bearing cover and the seat are loose.

7. Poor installation of the centrifugal fan inlet and outlet bronchus.

8. The motor rotor is unbalanced.

Reasons for excessive current of fan motor during operation:

1. The gate valve or overflow valve in the intake manifold is not closed tightly while driving.

2. The flow exceeds the standard value, or the ventilation duct leaks steam

3. The relative density of the gas transported by the centrifugal fan is too large.

4. The motor input working voltage is too low or the power supply is single-phase power off.

5. Affected by strong vibration of the rolling bearing housing.

6. The working condition of the centrifugal fan changes malignantly, or common faults occur.

Anticorrosive centrifugal fanThere are two situations for the suspension of use, one is the short-term suspension of use, and the other is the long-term suspension of use. Regardless of the long time or the fast speed, the Jingcai centrifugal fan must first remind everyone to prevent the problem of freezing. The centrifugal fan is out of service. When the working temperature is less than 5℃, the remaining water of the equipment and pipes should be drained to avoid freezing and cracking of the equipment and pipes. This is the same reason that we will encounter the water pipe freezing problem in winter. If the common failure is caused by the failure to properly handle the residual water, then it is too careless, and this problem can be avoided. In addition, if the use is suspended for a long time, how to deal with it?

When the throttle valve is used for adjustment, the flow rate of the centrifugal fan is mainly adjusted by the regulating valve or the throttle valve partition. The throttle amount of the centrifugal fan is large, and even the throttle valve is more than 50% under low load, due to the loss of the throttle valve. And it runs off the high-efficiency area, and energy waste is very serious. And if the rotational speed ratio of the centrifugal fan is adjusted, the throttle loss can be cancelled, and the centrifugal fan can be operated in a high efficiency area from beginning to end, so electromagnetic energy can be greatly saved. It can be said that adjusting the speed ratio of the centrifugal fan to run the centrifugal fan is an effective energy-saving method, which best reflects the current trend in the production of building materials industry.

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Principle of anticorrosive centrifugal fan