What are the common problems in the electric welding and welding repair of high temperature centrifugal fans


What are the common problems in the electric welding and welding repair of high temperature centrifugal fans

High temperature resistant centrifugal fanWhen using high-temperature electric fans, because of the corrosion of environmental factors, the cutter head is very easy to cause damage, but at this time, people must weld it by electric welding. According to this standard, the total width of each welding layer in the Rousheng area of ​​the high-temperature electric fan is 30mm, and the welding layer spacing is 50mm. If the initial floating layer of the high temperature fan blade can be seen clearly, it can carry out electric welding according to the original electric welding seam.

High temperature resistant centrifugal fanDon't pay attention to let the high temperature electric fan blade flash in all aspects of work. This method must be regulated by high technology. Be sure to perform accurate deformation measurement. If it is not properly grasped, it will cause the actual operation of the fan or excessive vibration waste. Because the total damaged area of ​​the high-temperature electric fan head becomes damaged or damaged, the control panel electric welding can be used when the surface cannot be executed.

High temperature resistant centrifugal fanThe control panel is produced from a template, and the thickness is the same as the original blade. The raw materials used are the same as the original knife. Otherwise, they can be replaced by low-alloy construction steel. Next, the control panel will be located on the initial non-boring face of the cutter head. In order to facilitate accurate measurement and stable balance, all cutter heads are generally welded on the control panel of the same specification. The deviation in the middle of the control panel does not exceed 30 grams. Generally, the vibration index is manipulated below G 0.6, and can be alleviated below G 0.6.

The importance of water skiing high temperature electric fan knife is to prevent deformation and the gap and separation of the floating layer. The symmetrical stack electric welding method is selected. According to the bounce electric welding method, a smaller amount of current and fine electrical level can be used to avoid over-temperature and deformation of the meat layer. The bottom electric welding according to the application level can avoid the separation of the peeling layer.

High temperature resistant centrifugal fanAfter electric welding, do not forget to accurately measure its stable balance and manipulate the vibration of the electric fan. In that way, a fast and round posture can be ensured, and the high-temperature electric fan has the effect of being easy to use.

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