A common starting method for high temperature resistant centrifugal fans


People often say that the key to the starting method is the starting of the motor. It will be said that there are many friends who do not have a good grasp of it. Then people will explain this professional knowledge for everyone in detail.High temperature resistant centrifugal fanWhat are the common starting methods?

1. It is suitable for variable-frequency motors, and DC variable-frequency starting and operation are used. This kind of method is the method with the largest product cost but the least operating cost. It is more suitable for high-temperature centrifugal fans. Often the load of the exhaust air volume must be adjusted. The adjustment range is also very proud to 0-60hz. Some customers control the system design of centrifugal fans. It has to be started many times a day. For fixed-frequency air-conditioning motors, there is no doubt that this is the kind of dismantling. The ultra-wide starting current will cause the early deterioration of the insulation layer and the service life of the motor will be greatly reduced. Then the application of variable frequency motors will The said defect can't be found at all.

2. It is suitable for the general motor of fixed frequency air conditioner. It is started by star-delta or auto-coupling step-down. It is the most economical and very simple starting method for high-temperature centrifugal fans. When the rated speed ratio is set, the intake valve is gradually opened, and the temperature of the material rises until it is fully opened. It must be noted that the main parameters of the high-temperature fan design concept and the applicable motor are all based on the high-temperature design concept, but the centrifugal fan In the original link of operation, the steam in the pipeline is usually at room temperature. The molecular structure of the steam is relatively dense, and the quality of the enterprise volume is high. Then the original load of the centrifugal fan will be larger, and the effect of adjusting the intake valve is not only adjusted. Exhaust air volume is only necessary to avoid excessive current volume.

3. It is suitable for general motors of fixed-frequency air conditioners, and starts with a soft starter. This kind of method is suitable for the application of high temperature centrifugal fan. During the whole process of application, it is not necessary to always adjust the total flow load, start, start the motor at a lower frequency, and then the temperature of the centrifugal fan inlet steam will continue to rise, and the motor frequency will be expanded. It will not easily cause the motor. Overloading and the widespread application of soft starters have pushed the adjustment of the intake valve to the second line. Although the application of soft starters will increase product costs, they have very good maintenance effects for motors. In the adjustment process, they can be freely used. Adjust the exhaust air volume to facilitate the adjustment of all system software. But the adjustment scope limited company, the adjustment scope is only in the middle of 40-50hz.

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