Why is the explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fan resistant to corrosion


Explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fanWhy is the anti-corrosion, explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fan is a very good centrifugal fan on the market. From its name, it solves the defect that the traditional centrifugal fan is easy to be eroded, so why is the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan corrosion-resistant? Woolen cloth? The following editor will take us to consider.

Explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fanDo a good job in metal surface treatment. The erosion of the centrifugal fan initially started with the surface of the centrifugal fan. Therefore, in order to make the centrifugal fan more resistant to corrosion and extend the service life of the centrifugal fan, a layer of safety protective paint must be applied to the surface of the centrifugal fan, or hot-dip galvanized or stainless steel plates must be used. There are corrosion-resistant materials such as chemical plating to make centrifugal fans. Only by ensuring that the surface of the centrifugal fan achieves the maximum corrosion resistance can the internal prefabricated components of the centrifugal fan be used for a long time, the operation effect of the centrifugal fan can be ensured, and the knowledge economy can be improved. In all metal surface treatments, the rotating parts of the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan are very critical. If a material with a relatively low linear expansion coefficient is used, it is easy to cause the centrifugal fan to swell and crack when it touches the more corrosive substance. Therefore, when handling these, the user should remember to compare it with other coarse-grained materials. extract.

Explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fanReasonable and closely related detailed design. In order to make the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan long-term use, it is not easy to be corroded by the compound, in addition to the use of high corrosion resistance materials when making the centrifugal fan, it is also necessary to pay attention to the overall design of the centrifugal fan. The structure of the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan is very complicated, because it includes more notes, so the tightness between its parts is better. However, if the gap between the notes is too large during the design, the chemical will easily fall when not paying attention. After a long period of soaking, the notes will eventually be eroded, and the centrifugal fan may also be abnormal. Therefore, the centrifugal fan furniture designer should pay attention to avoid excessive concentration of the structure when designing, but can not make the gap spacing too large.

Explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fanChoose a reasonable fan model. In order to promote the anti-corrosion centrifugal fan to the greatest extent to meet the actual production needs, the centrifugal fan must be manufactured according to the actual load. At this moment, the specifications and main parameters of the centrifugal fan are very important. Especially the model specifications and specifications. Because the commonly used compressive strength components of different specifications and models are different, if you choose too many, it will not only harm you. When the specifications and main parameters of the centrifugal fan meet the actual needs, then its overall corrosion resistance will eventually be improved.

The above are some of the information compiled by the editor after reviewing a lot of informationExplosion-proof and anti-corrosion fanThe information about why corrosion resistance, hope that through this article, you can have a better understanding of explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fans.

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