Classification and use of high temperature resistant centrifugal fans


High temperature resistant centrifugal fanClassification and usage

Powder transportation, textile weaving dust collection, paper cutter air cushion, sewage treatment, industrial mining blast, heavy oil fuel injection, paper pulp dewatering, shuttleless loom special, glass industry and ice factory air pumps, tunnels Engineering compressed air, aquaculture oxygen supply, etc.

High temperature resistant centrifugal fanthe use of:

Printing machinery, burners, plastic extruders, bag blowing machines, laminating machines, fruit making machinery, dust collectors, environmental machinery, hot air generators, powder and granular conveying, kitchen machinery, woodworking machinery, dryers, incinerators, constant temperature Box, mechanical cooling, general air supply

High temperature resistant centrifugal fanFeatures:

High pressure, large air volume, low voice, light weight

The use of aluminum alloy material greatly reduces the weight and achieves the purpose of lightweight

The motor is IEC design (above 1HP), fully closed outer fan type aluminum mechanical motor, special shaft design, suitable for long-term use

Special blade design, high pressure, large air volume, low noise and long life.

Special air volume adjustment damper, high air volume control stability and easy operation (applicable to CX.TB.HTB).

The styles are complete, the inventory is large, and the delivery is fast.

High temperature resistant centrifugal fantype:

CX through-pu type, TB through-pu type, HTB through-pu multi-section type, PF straight blade type, CS silent type, MS cooling fan, SSD multi-wing type, SB series

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