What are the outstanding characteristics of the classification and structure of stainless steel high temperature resistant fans


Stainless steel high temperature resistant fanAs a whole classification of centrifugal fans, high-temperature fans usually refer to high-temperature centrifugal fans, which are used as booster fans. Due to the diversity of available loads, application specifications and technical parameters are formulated independently as one type. The editor below introduces the classification and structure of stainless steel high temperature resistant fans, and a simple analysis of stainless steel high temperature resistant fans.

one,Stainless steel high temperature resistant fanClassification characteristics of

1. Classified by medium temperature, usually with high temperature resistance 350-350 degrees Celsius, 350-600 degrees Celsius, 600-700 degrees Celsius, about 700 degrees Celsius, different medium temperatures, centrifugal fans use different high temperature resistant stainless steel plates or carbon steel.

2. Classified according to the height of air pressure, usually divided into middle bottom pressure high temperature fan and high pressure high temperature fan.

3. Classified by structure, it is divided into organic chemical shell high temperature fan and inorganic substance shell high temperature fan.

4. Classified according to operation method, divided into fixed frequency high temperature fan and DC variable frequency high temperature fan.

two,Stainless steel high temperature resistant fanStructural characteristics

High-temperature fans have been widely used in various kilns and industrial furnace manufacturing industries at this stage. The future development prospects are fancy, the key to the following aspects:

First, with the marketing and promotion of energy-saving motors and the replacement of outdated motors, high-temperature fans will have higher and higher efficiency, and the wide use of soft starters will promote the actual effect of environmental protection and energy saving of centrifugal fans, and long-term operating costs. Will be reduced.

Secondly, with the development and application of new technology applications, the technological advancement of heat-resistant technology continues to promote high-temperature fans to take into account the role and characteristics of corrosion resistance together with heat resistance.

High-temperature fans will be used in a large number of manufacturing industries and purchased in the future, and high-temperature fans will eventually contribute to the improvement of productivity and show more improved solutions for a large number of supporting facilities and mechanical equipment.

The above is the editor rightStainless steel high temperature resistant fanThe classification and structure of the analysis, I look forward to helping you!

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