High temperature and high pressure centrifugal fan model


High temperature and high pressure centrifugal fanCan be applied to large and medium-sized production on the spot. In view of that kind of spot, the centrifugal fan usually has a large exhaust volume and can bear a relatively high working pressure, so the high-pressure centrifugal fan is definitely the most suitable. So how should people choose the models and specifications of high-temperature and high-pressure centrifugal fans? Below is an overview of the high-pressure centrifugal fan parameters.

High temperature and high pressure centrifugal fanParameter table overview

XFJ-YJ series high-pressure centrifugal fans can replace the old 8-16 centrifugal fans and 9-21 centrifugal fans.

The centrifugal impeller is a forward bending type leaf.

The maximum circle velocity on the edge of the centrifugal impeller diffuser does not exceed 160m/s.

After the centrifugal impeller is formed, the static and rotor dynamic balance is positive, and the gas characteristics are high-quality, high-efficiency, and stable and reliable operation.

The air inlet is made into a convergent sporty overall structure, installed on the side of the centrifugal fan; the cross-section parallel to the radial is a graph, which can make the steam enter the centrifugal impeller smoothly with less damage.

Advantages: Compared with similar centrifugal fans in other countries in the world, it has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, flat characteristic curve, and open high efficiency area.

Material: stainless steel plate, iron, etc.

Application areas: environmental protection, clean dust exhaust, kilns, ceramic machinery, etc.

Product types: kiln centrifugal fans, ceramic machinery supporting facilities centrifugal fans, environmental protection clean dust exhaust fans, stainless steel fans.

Frequently asked questions: The conveyor medium usually does not exceed 60°C (maximum 90°C), and the dust and hard plastic particles contained in the medium do not exceed 130Mg/square meter.

Selection of high temperature and high pressure centrifugal fan:

Because the application of the vortex fan is very common, because its motor selection is relatively complicated. Under normal circumstances, it must be carried out according to the following 2 processes:

1. It is necessary to confirm which function of the high-pressure centrifugal fan is used on the spot, whether it is suction or blowing, and select the working pressure-total flow curve diagram that matches the high-pressure centrifugal fan; if the curve diagram is wrong, sometimes the selected product may not be acceptable. application;

2. According to the calculated working pressure and total flow, look for the working curve diagram around the working point where the working pressure and the total flow match are considered together on the trend chart; then select the high-pressure centrifugal fan model specifications according to the working curve diagram;

If it is on the spot in a different job, its requirements for working pressure and total flow are different. Therefore, if you want relatively accurate statistical data, you must carry out relevant calculations. This must be carried out by technical professional design plan staff or seek technical professional enterprise consulting.

Overview of high-pressure centrifugal fan parameter table

In general, after reading the above high-pressure centrifugal fan parameter table overview, people can have a deep understanding of the characteristics and main parameters of today's high-pressure centrifugal fans, so that people will be more comfortable when they buy high-pressure centrifugal fans. , To prevent the purchase of high-pressure centrifugal fans from making mistakes and creating unnecessary confusion for their own production.

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