Structural characteristics of high temperature resistant centrifugal fans


High temperature resistant centrifugal fanThe centrifugal fan belongs to the special medium, which is specially designed for high-temperature operation sites. Its material has strong heat resistance and high pressure resistance. The key to high-temperature centrifugal fans are: stainless steel plate heat-resistant centrifugal fans, transmission system high-temperature fans, centrifugal high-temperature fans, etc.

  High temperature resistant centrifugal fanIt is used in the industrial production of chemical plants, crude oil, metallurgical industry, forging, power engineering, nuclear power plants, environmental protection and other industries.

  High temperature resistant centrifugal fanThe structural characteristics:

1. The key of high temperature resistant centrifugal fan is composed of centrifugal impeller, shell, air inlet, motor, radio frequency connector, heat pipe cooling fan blade and other parts.

2. The centrifugal impeller is a multi-wing single-entry centrifugal impeller, which is made of high-quality galvanized steel sheet or cold-rolled sheet. The leaves are designed according to the basic principle of gas driving force. The centrifugal impeller is composed of 12 backward-tilted airfoil-shaped leaves, a curve-shaped front disc and a tablet back disc. The raw materials are made of high-quality thick steel plates with high compressive strength and good durability, and have undergone strict dynamic and static balance effects. Excellent gas characteristics, high efficiency and stable operation.

3. The air inlet adopts the convergent motion vortex reduction method, the cyclone damage is small, and the high-temperature centrifugal fan has high working efficiency.

4. The high temperature resistant centrifugal fan shell and the motor are installed and connected by metal castings. The heat pipe cooling fan blades are installed on the top of the motor shaft. The outer and inner walls of the metal castings are set up with inlet and outlet sockets. Temperature, to ensure that the motor operates normally at high temperatures.

5. The motor uses a unique high-temperature motor, and part of the fluid mechanics of the high-temperature centrifugal fan uses high-temperature resistant raw materials, and the temperature reduction structure is reliable. Compared with other boiler induced draft fans, it has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance and high cost performance.

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