High temperature resistant centrifugal fan—how can the axial flow fan of 3C smoke exhaust system make noise


How can the axial fan of the 3C smoke exhaust system produce noise?

3C smoke exhaust system axial flowHigh temperature resistant centrifugal fanIt is a unique type of fire-fighting exhaust fan. It has the characteristics of high quality, excellent heat resistance, high efficiency, less floor space than centrifugal fans, and convenient installation. Therefore, it has been widely selected by many manufacturing industries.

However, after a period of application, people will find that the 3C fire exhaust fan will have noise problems for no reason. What is going on?

When the leaves of the 3C fire exhaust fan are thin and swept forward too much, and the center of gravity is offset from the root cross-section management center, the centripetal force caused by the higher speed and the change of the leaf lift caused by the uneven intake rotation are very easy to stimulate. The leaves shook.

At the same time because of fluid-solid coupling, it will also cause the leaves of the 3C fire exhaust fan to gallop, which will cause the leaves to be fatigued and destroyed earlier, reduce the high efficiency of the centrifugal fan, and cause a lot of aerodynamic noise.

Secondly, it is also related to the leaf vibration frequency of the 3C fire exhaust fan.

The key to the high-frequency vibration shape of the leaf is dominated by the overall leaf twisting, and the key to the high-frequency is the leaf bending wave.

From the point of view of the harm to noise, the first six-order mode shape is very harmful, because its sloshing heat is very harmful to the flow field, which causes the change of the angle of attack of the leaf inlet steam, and then produces the fluctuation of the surface lift of the leaf. Severe conditions can cause galloping, resulting in a great reduction in aerodynamic noise and high efficiency.

In order to reduce the occurrence of such things, people must use the 3C smoke exhaust system axial fan properly to ensure the life of the 3C fire exhaust fan.

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