What constitutes a high temperature centrifugal fan


High temperature resistant centrifugal fanThrough the belt connection, the air in the machine is compressed and pushed from the air inlet cavity to the exhaust port and then discharged, achieving the purpose of blowing. According to the performance curve of the outlet pressure and flow rate of the high-temperature centrifugal fan, the outlet pressure changes drastically. The flow rate of the high-temperature resistant centrifugal fan only fluctuates in a small range. Because of its strong adaptability to variable pressure heads, it is more suitable for narrow-range adjustment of fan air volume in variable liquid level systems.

High temperature resistant centrifugal fanUnder constant pressure conditions, the efficiency is more than 10% lower than that of centrifugal blowers. High temperature resistant centrifugal fans have obvious advantages in volume and weight under the condition of small air volume operation. High-temperature-resistant centrifugal fans among high-pressure blower manufacturers have simple structure, small daily maintenance, and low maintenance and replacement costs.

High temperature resistant centrifugal fanAs the name suggests, it is a centrifugal fan made of glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-corrosion material. The working principle is that when the motor rotates to drive the fan impeller to rotate, the gas between the blades in the impeller also rotates, and the gas is thrown out under the action of centrifugal force. The flow rate increases, the kinetic energy of the gas is converted into static pressure energy in the flow, and then as the fluid is pressurized, the static pressure energy is converted into velocity energy, and the gas is discharged through the exhaust port, and a certain amount of energy is formed in the middle of the impeller. Negative pressure, because the inlet is under negative pressure, the outside air is immediately refilled under the action of atmospheric pressure, and the gas is continuously discharged and refilled under the continuous rotation of the impeller, so as to achieve the purpose of continuous air blowing. Under the same power, wind pressure and air volume are generally inversely proportional.

Under the same power, the wind pressure is high, the air volume will be relatively low, and the wind pressure will be lower if the air volume is large, so that the power efficiency of the motor can be fully utilized.

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