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Application and installation of high temperature axial fan


The high temperature resistant axial flow fan has a wide range of applications: it can adopt variable speed or multi-speed drive according to the different requirements of civil buildings to achieve the purpose of one machine and dual use (that is, common ventilation and high temperature exhaust during fire fighting); leaf type is divided The axial flow type and the diagonal flow type make this series of fans have factory-wide performance parameters. If the user has higher requirements for noise, it can be made into a noise-absorbing fan.
High temperature resistant axial fan Explosion-proof axial fan is often used in railways, highways, bridges, tunnels, metallurgy, chemical industry, shipbuilding, oil refining, food and other operating companies. It is also suitable for cooling public shopping malls, warehouses, hospitals and civil high-rise buildings , Ventilation, ventilation and fire-fighting smoke exhaust, related to a wide range of applications of axial fans, not only the correct application, but also in the future maintenance is also particularly important, because maintenance not only affects the utilization rate of the fan.
Preparation before installation of high temperature resistant axial flow fan:
1. Before unpacking the high-temperature axial fan, check whether the packaging is intact, whether the nameplate parameters of the fan meet the requirements, and whether the accessories are intact and complete.
2. Carefully check whether the fan is deformed or damaged during transportation, whether the fasteners are loose or scattered, whether the impeller is rubbed, and check all parts of the fan. If an abnormal phenomenon is found, it should be used after repairing.
3. Use a 500v megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance between the fan casing and the motor windings. The value should be greater than 0.5 megohms. Otherwise, the electrode windings should be dried and the temperature should not exceed 120°C during drying.
4. Prepare all kinds of materials, tools and sites required for the installation of high-temperature axial flow fans.

Advantages of high temperature resistant axial flow fan

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