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Structural characteristics of explosion-proof centrifugal fan


Structural characteristics of explosion-proof centrifugal fan

(1) The impeller is welded between the arc-shaped wheel cover and the plate-shaped wheel disk through 12 backward-inclined wing-shaped blades to ensure the high efficiency, low noise and high strength of the fan. The impeller runs smoothly after static and dynamic balance correction.

(2) The shell is a worm-like body welded by ordinary steel plates. The casing of the fan is made into an integral structure. The induced draft fan has a dust-cleaning door on the volute plate, which is appropriately thickened to prevent soot wear and prolong its service life.

(3) The air inlet is a closed and streamlined integral structure, which is fixed on the air inlet side of the housing with bolts.

(4) The regulating door is used to regulate the flow of the fan. It consists of 13 braided blades, all of which are mounted axially in front of the air inlet. Due to the external transmission structure, the rotation is flexible and convenient. For the right fan, the push from bottom to top is from fully closed to fully open.

(5) The transmission group is composed of a main shaft, a bearing box and a coupling. The main shaft is made of high-quality steel. The water-cooled integral bearing box adopts rolling bearings. Therefore, it is necessary to install water pipelines, and the water consumption varies with the ambient temperature, which is generally considered to be 0.5~1m3/h.

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