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High temperature resistant axial fan product introduction


High temperature resistant axial flow fans are divided into ordinary explosion-proof fans BT35 and DWT explosion-proof roof fans are special axial flow fans equipped with explosion-proof motors, used for the transportation of flammable and flammable gases, and workshops and warehouses with flammable fuel mist. Ventilation and exhaust. The following editor will introduce to youHigh temperature axial fanproduct description.

1)High temperature axial fanThe BT35 series is a new fan with improved planning on the basis of T30-11. The main advantage is that the structure is more reasonable and the performance has been greatly improved. It is composed of three parts: the impeller group, the main body air tube part and the air collector. T35-11 axial flow fan is a simple structure, low noise axial flow fan. The subdivision according to the diameter of the impeller is No.2.8, No.3.15, No.3.55, No.4, No.4.5, No.5, No.5.6, No.6.3, No.7.1, No.8, No.9 There are 13 types of machine numbers, No.10 and No.11.2, each of which has 4 blades 0. The blades can be installed into five viewpoints: 15 degrees, 20 degrees, 30 degrees, and 35 degrees. Therefore, due to the size of the blade installation point of view, the speed of the spindle speed is different for each machine number, the wind pressure, air volume and power consumption of the fan are also different, and the performance details are shown in the performance table. Transmission mode: select the motor of each pole, directly connected with the impeller, the casing of the machine body is made into a cylindrical shape, and the direction of rotation is clockwise.

2) DWT explosion-proof roof fan uses different raw materials according to the different turbidity of the working medium. It is made of FRP (glass reinforced plastic) and aluminum alloy sheets. With regard to pressure requirements, the fan speed is large, the roof type high temperature axial flow fan, impeller The surface is treated with special galvanizing and plastic spray corrosion resistance, which not only reduces the weight of the whole machine, but also has excellent corrosion resistance. It can be manufactured into explosion-proof and flame-retardant fans according to the requirements of use, which is suitable for anti-aging pumping, discharging flammable, explosive and corrosive gases. This series of fans are not only excellent in performance, but also very beautiful in appearance. The fan's hood is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic, which is beautiful and generous, and has strong practicability.

High temperature axial fanBT35, DWT-I explosion-proof roof fan is mainly used for the transportation of flammable and flammable gas, and the ventilation and exhaust of flammable fuel mist in workshops and warehouses. It is suitable for anti-aging pumping, exhausting inflammable, explosive and corrosive. Occasions of sexual gas.

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