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Introduction of high temperature and high pressure centrifugal fan


One of our company’s main products of high temperature and high pressure centrifugal fans, the following editor will give you a detailed introductionHigh temperature and high pressure centrifugal fan, I hope it can help you.

According to the total heat and cooling capacity of the fan coil unit is greater than or equal to the sum of the indoor heat load and the heat load brought into the room by the fresh air, Gen P: a correction coefficient, considering the influence of the fouling and dust accumulation on the heat transfer after the unit coil is used; only cooling Application: a. In addition, it is assumed that the external residual pressure of the selected fan coil unit should be sufficient to overcome the wind resistance of the fan coil unit inlet and outlet. When the resistance of the inlet and outlet is greater than the residual pressure outside the fan coil, the air volume and cooling capacity will decrease. These effects should also be considered when selecting.

Shun Teng Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in selling resistantHigh temperature and high pressure centrifugal fan, Resistive mufflers commonly used chip mufflers, honeycomb mufflers, tube mufflers and labyrinth mufflers, etc.; resistive mufflers commonly used resonance mufflers, expansion mufflers, hybrid mufflers and baffle-type mufflers, etc.; impedance composite mufflers commonly used expansion chambers— Impedance composite muffler, resonant cavity-resistive composite muffler and impedance-resistance-co-composite muffler. Sound insulation: Sound insulation is a commonly used technical measure in noise control engineering. Use various wall plates and components as shields or use maintenance structures to control noise within a certain scale, so that the transmission of noise in the air is blocked. Pass smoothly, and then arrive at the intention of reducing noise. The sound insulation of single-layer dense and uniform components. The sound insulation materials of such components require dense and heavy, such as brick walls, reinforced concrete, steel plates, wood boards, etc. The sound insulation performance is related to the rigidity and damping surface density of the materials; the sound insulation of double-layer structures , A certain thickness of air or a composite structure of porous materials is sandwiched in the center of the two single-layer structures.

The above isHigh temperature and high pressure centrifugal fanAccording to the introduction, we mainly sell in Hebei, Northeast, Henan, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Ningxia. If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to inquire.

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