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Share tips for purchasing high-temperature centrifugal fans


High temperature resistant centrifugal fans are used in the sales market and are widely used. People should pay attention to picking this satisfactory pass product when buying. It is necessary for people to grasp the necessary purchase methods, according to various aspects Observation and consideration, choose this centrifugal fan product that is suitable for the company's requirements, and I will give you a detailed introduction to the purchase tips below.

1. When purchasing a high temperature resistant centrifugal fan, you need to explain to the manufacturer the name and type specification of the necessary centrifugal fan according to your own specific conditions, and explain to them the speed ratio, output power and air pressure, exhaust volume, etc. of the necessary centrifugal fan Technical parameters.

2. Pay attention to the operating voltage of the centrifugal fan. Under normal circumstances, the operating voltage set by the manufacturer in the production line equipment is full 220V. If there are unique requirements, the manufacturer should be notified in advance.

3. When buying a high-temperature centrifugal fan, please ask if the store on the market provides a muffler shell, muffler, flexible joint, elbow, rain shutter, insect net, flange, etc., and ask for the shock absorber. Is it vertical or hanging? It is convenient to purchase according to your own requirements.

4. Investigate the installation parts in advance, and explain the working environment and usage conditions to the manufacturer. The general manufacturer will show a complete set of matching plans based on this situation.

5. When purchasing a high-temperature centrifugal fan, it is necessary to consider where the air outlet is set for the air box, so as to avoid finding the air outlet after installing the equipment and asking for trouble. At the same time, it is necessary to design and conceive the external and internal of the motor. This can inform his manufacturers and let them help implement the measures.

6. When purchasing a high-temperature centrifugal fan, it is necessary to indicate to the manufacturer whether or not to bring a reducer, and whether the damping base is E-type, D-type or C-type uniform belt. Show the manufacturer the direction of rotation, the angle of view of the entrance and exit, and the method of the transmission system. It is necessary to specify as much detail as possible.

7. It is possible to design and conceive a complete set of schematic diagrams belonging to its own silencing static pressure box, and explain to the manufacturer whether the multiple positive pressure air outlets are normally open or normally closed, what postures are necessary for the louvers, and what effects are rated.

8. When designing and conceiving high temperature resistant centrifugal fans, general manufacturers use galvanized steel sheet ventilation duct design. Some customers need to show the actual regulations to the manufacturer when glass magnesium raw materials and other polymer materials are necessary.

When buying a high-temperature centrifugal fan, people should choose according to their own specific requirements. Only then can we help people in their manufacturing operations. If everyone is still unclear on how to choose this suitable centrifugal fan product, you can call our company for information, and people will do their best to serve you.

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