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Noise reduction method of anticorrosive centrifugal fan


When the mechanical equipment is working, the friction between the parts, the rolling of the motor, and the drying of the wind cause irregular vibration of the sound generators such as the mechanical parts and the casing, and radiate noise. We should all know that being in a noisy environment for a long time will pose a great threat to our health. Let's take a look at the noise reduction methods of anticorrosive centrifugal fans.

The motor planning requirements of small and medium-sized anticorrosive centrifugal fans are carried out according to actual conditions. At this time, if we want to control the ventilation noise of the motor, the following methods can be used:

As for the 2p and 4p explosion-proof motors, in the case of strong noise, the reason is the allowable temperature of the motor temperature rise. At this time, the outer diameter and blades of the electric fan should be reduced, or the intake air volume should be reduced, which can effectively reduce the existence of noise. Pay attention to the planning requirements of wind turbines, do not plan blindly, and plan according to actual conditions.

In the air duct planning, you can first avoid sudden changes and sharp turns of the airflow, and try to choose some streamlined planning forms. For example, in the planning, you can choose a 45-degree chamfer at the base and the air inlet, or at the air inlet end of the fan blades. Other chamfers.

The mechanical noise of anticorrosive centrifugal fans can be divided into three categories according to different sound sources.

①Aerodynamic noise: noise generated by gas vibration, such as ventilators, compressors, engines, jet aircraft, rockets, etc.

②Mechanical noise: noise generated by solid vibrations such as gears, bearings, and shells;

③Electromagnetic noise: noise caused by electromagnetic vibration, such as motors, generators, transformers, etc.

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