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The development trend and potential market of explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fans


Fan is the habitual abbreviation of gas compression and gas transportation machinery in our country. Generally speaking, fans include fans, blowers, and wind generators. The development of the fan industry in our country has now embarked on the road of industrialization, and it contains a lot of potential. Today we will take a lookExplosion-proof and anti-corrosion fanDevelopment trend.

 As the needs of society continue to change, the types of wind turbines have gradually become diversified. These types of wind turbines are now widely accepted by all walks of life, demand characteristics and development trends.

  Explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fanFaced with different goals, the fan needs and characteristics are also different. Regarding the small and medium-sized fans with a wide range of usage, the product structure and manufacturing process are relatively simple, and the cost is relatively low. Users first seek high efficiency, low noise, long life, and low price. The other is capital-intensive and skill-intensive, with a messy product structure, a long production cycle, and strong completeness and systemicity. It also operates under high pressure, high temperature and high speed conditions, and some even operate under harsh working conditions. Each type of fan has different requirements. For turbine blowers, compressors and large fans, users are first looking for high quality, high reliability, stable operation and long cycles.

  The overall development trend of the fan industry at home and abroad is: the capacity of large fans continues to increase, the development of high-pressure and small-flow compressors, high efficiency, high-speed miniaturization, low noise, and computer integrated production systems are widely used in fans.

Explosion-proof and anti-corrosion fanThere are still many areas that the product has not touched or will touch. According to the analysis of the situation we have learned, more than 20 fan products are used in the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue, new dry-process clinker technological transformation projects, energy-saving and comprehensive utilization of resources in the metallurgical industry. Potential shopping malls will have greater development prospects.

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