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Selection method of high temperature resistant centrifugal fan


With the rapid development of industry today, almost all walks of life are inseparable from mechanical ventilation. In our daily work, fans are now inseparable from each of us, and fans are playing more and more effects in the development of industry. It is widely used for ventilation in indoor workshops. Today I will introduce to youHigh temperature resistant centrifugal fanThe selection method, I hope to solve your troubles.

Fertilizer plant production equipment, forced blast of chemical iron furnace, boiler induced air, material transportation, dust exhaust, smoke exhaust, mines and other places. However, in the production process of various industries, there are many special occupations that have high requirements for fan functions, such as the anti-corrosion function, wear resistance function of the fan, and the ability to withstand high-temperature gas. Hebei Shunteng Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Many years of experience in the production of high-temperature fans, and we will talk about the basis and methods of selection of high-temperature fans.

The parameter selection of high-temperature fans is very strict in the complex and changeable use environment, the transportation of high-temperature gas, and the requirements for secondary induced air are very strict. Therefore, the selection of high-temperature fans is also very important. Once the selection is wrong, the entire system It will cause serious losses. First, select the parameters of the fan at room temperature. In high-temperature gas, our technical personnel should convert the required parameters according to the temperature of the conveying gas. At normal temperature (20°), a fan is required. Parameter requirements, air volume: 5000m³/h, wind pressure; 2500Pa, correctly select the fan type in 300°500°800°1000°.

1. The high temperature fan is generally made of stainless steel and titanium plate. It uses different raw materials according to different temperatures to ensure stable, efficient and running production.

2. The drive shaft of the fan must undergo special treatment, otherwise it is easily deformed during high-temperature operation, causing the fan to be paralyzed.

3. The transmission box of the fan must be insulated from the fan casing. At the same time, a water circulation cooling system must be used inside the bearing box and an air cooling system should be used at the top.

4. It is necessary to choose high temperature resistant belt for the belt of the fan

5.The fan casing, the air inlet, and the outer area that is in contact with the gasLaw adopts thermal insulation treatment.

The above points are the accumulation of fan skills accumulated by Hebei Shunteng Fan Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for many years. Hope that today’s sharing can help you in the selection and selection of high-temperature fans in the future. We are mainly in Hebei, Northeast, Henan, Tianjin, Shaanxi, Sales are carried out in Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Ningxia. If you are interested in our products, you are welcome to inquire!

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